iris communications’ Strategic Planning Annual Conference 2017

iris communications’ Strategic Planning Annual Conference 2017

iris communications conducted its Strategic Planning Annual Conference (SPAC) on 4th February 2017, in Lahore.

The strategic groups of iris communications consisting of managers and team leads with requisite roles and responsibilities were invited to the annual conference this year.

Managing partners of iris communications, Huma Maqsood and Maryam Wazirzada unveiled the theme of this year’s SPAC – “Execution to Effectiveness.”

Huma Maqsood and Maryam Wazirzada sat down with the iris team, as always, for this excellent opportunity to bring some ideas or problems into discussion.

The formal discussion on the strategic planning encouraged iris team members to put away their daily business for some focused hours and to think about the bigger picture in reviewing last year’s performance and setting next year goals.

Throughout the years, SPAC has been very useful in harmonizing the members of iris family situated in different cities of Pakistan in order to enhance synergy. This synergy is the sun that warms their clients. SPAC provides a great chance to interact with the entire team in order to work towards common goals.

At the end of SPAC an informal dinner was given at Bistro 201, where the iris family members had a chance to have fun and a great feast, with each other.


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