iris communications – Strategic Planning Annual Conference 2019

iris communications – Strategic Planning Annual Conference 2019

Taking on a new focus in strategic planning for 2019, iris communications’ called upon its strategic group to participate in its Strategic Planning Annual Conference (SPAC) on February 16th, 2019, in Lahore.

Managing partners of iris communications, Huma Maqsood and Maryam Wazirzada opened the annual conference by unveiling the theme of this year’s SPAC – “Excellence Though Perseverance ”

Huma and Maryam delivered the introductory address at the opening of the SPAC and communicated the set action plan to the participants so they are aware of the company direction. This conference began by the recitation of Holy Quran followed by revisiting the iris’ Mission, Vision and Values. A motivational video related to the theme was also showed to gear up the participants.

During the session, the strategic group members of Market Research and Brand Activation reviewed how well they executed their past year strategies and achieved their targets, which had been set out for them. Further, they also shared the tasks/ objectives for the New Year. The main task of implementation of the strategies is to bring the strategies into life as a part of the everyday decision-making process of the organization.

Every attendee of the SPAC contributed his/her thoughts and feedback on iris’ integrated approach towards strategic planning and execution to make the organization more effective and efficient. Also, to improve the capabilities of the team as a whole in order to systematically capitalize on opportunities and overcome the challenges.

Through the years, iris is constantly reinventing, relentlessly innovating and endlessly improving. With this, team iris wants to take the organization to another level thus, with so much hard work they exchanged brilliant ideas and planned for the shared success of iris. This is one of the many proofs that the best of iris is yet to come!


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