Pakistan And Female Workforce Participation

Pakistan And Female Workforce Participation

The participation rate for women in the workforce is only 22 per cent in Pakistan. Hence, placing Pakistan in the bottom 10 countries.

In Pakistan women occupy only 5 percent of leadership positions in companies compared to 12 percent in large European companies.

Pakistan still lacks those resources needed to excel with other countries, not only in terms of human development indices, but also in the practical sphere of women’s role in national development.

According to a research, over 80 percent of Pakistani women cited household duties as one of the reason for their non-participation in labor force.

Shortage of electricity, bad governance & political instability are top three bottlenecks in creation of jobs in Pakistan. Moreover, the issue of gender pay gap has been persistent in Pakistan since decades. Women wages suffer significantly compared to men even when they perform well and do the same amount of work at their workplace.

Brands in Pakistan now believe that female customers are more likely to buy their product if sold by a female salesperson. Owing to the more comfortable experience will also generate repeat purchase. This trend has helped flourish businesses by adding more number of female workforces.

The empowerment of Pakistani women is a gradual process. There is a need to change society’s perceptions regarding their environment & gender roles at workplace.

Government policies must concentrate on increasing women enrollment & retention in schools, & getting employment opportunities & their involvement in the public sphere.

Educating young girls to prepare them join workforce from a young age, changing their mindsets and providing career counseling would ensure positive changes within the female workforce in our country.


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