Pakistan Catching Up Mobile Internet Usage

Pakistan Catching Up Mobile Internet Usage

In Pakistan people are quickly catching up on their adoption of technology, especially mobile and social media use. Over the past decade, mobile phone usage grew at an astoundingly fast rate in Pakistan.

Pakistanis are shifting from traditional methods to mobile Internet, all because recent launch of 3G and 4G technology in the country.
Pakistan boasts 30 million Internet users, 15 million phone users and 12.8 million active monthly Facebook users, more than half of who are active via a mobile device.
According to Google, 2014 was the year of mobile Internet and this trend is expected to continue in the coming years.

Majority of the mobile phone subscribers use mobile Internet services for emails, Facebook, Twitter and browsing as telecom operators have introduced different affordable Internet packages to their customers Moreover low cost smart phones also facilitate a large number of people to connect online 24/7.

The rising internet usage among general public have increased the living standard of the people not only for communications and information purpose but for commercial purposes such as money transactions by branchless mobile banking.

People having postpaid connections are avid users of Internet services due to their business and professional demands. While youngsters usage of Internet is limited on mobile phone as they usually avail Internet services for social networking sites, informative webs and browsing.
With the dramatic drop in the price of smartphones and their easy availability, the use of mobile Internet services is expected to accelerate over the next few years.

The coming years will boost Internet usage as smartphones are available at a very low price in the market so they are getting more penetration in the market


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